Funnel Optimization & Sales Enablement

Your product or service improves business outcomes, but only when it’s in the hands of your customers. What you need is a plan to get there faster.
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Strategic Marketing

Provide your B2B  organization with competitive advantages in both positioning and reach while also aligning marketing efforts with the customer’s lifecycle.

Sales Enablement

Ensure you are making the best use of your technology, processes, and content to empower your sales teams to sell more efficiently, and at a higher velocity.

The struggle is real.

It’s not unusual for organizations to have issues with sales effectiveness.  In a recent survey from Seismic, 62% of marketing and sales executives reported problems with deals getting stuck in the sales process.  And 41% didn’t even know which marketing campaigns were most effective in generating sales!  That’s a huge problem.

Not to worry, though.  Companies who adopt sales enablement tools or services are realizing a 71% increase in improved sales, year after year, according to Aberdeen Group.  Sales enablement helps your companyincrease sales performance and accelerate revenue.

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Hustle & Flow

Sales Enablement is all about how effective you are in providing prospective customers the information they need to make a decision to become a buyer.  Are they getting the right sales materials at the right time in their buyer journey?

But the true value of sales enablement is how fast can you transform someone into a paying customer.  Our process focuses on not just increasing the volume (number of leads) but optimizes the velocity (how fast someone moves through each stage) and the individual flow rates for each stage of the buyer journey.  Because if you aren’t paying attention to where leads dead end – you’re wasting precious time and money.

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